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An integrative clinical approach

Dr. Julia Ryan and her team provide a range of mental health services to empower individuals, children, youth and families to improve their functioning and meet their goals. We prioritize collaboratively identifying client needs and providing the needed guidance for seeking treatments and supports. Furthermore, we strive for a high standard of service to ensure clients feel taken care of. 

In the clinic, Dr. Ryan emphasizes assessments to identify the appropriate treatments and supports based on underlying conditions. We have a special interest in assessing neurodevelopment disorders, including ADHD, ASD, LDs, and other developmental and intellectual disorders, including giftedness. Our assessments also evaluate behavioral, anxiety, and mood disorders. 

Following assessment, we identify tailored recommendations for school, work, and home settings. We also aim to offer support with implementing recommendations, including follow-ups, skill building with one of our therapists, or external referrals based on availability and fit.

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“Dr. Julia Ryan was organized, efficient, thorough and provided a timely in-depth assessment report. My daughter loved working with Dr. Ryan and her team who made the experience an enjoyable one for her. 100% recommending her to everyone I know!”


Kind Words

Hi! I'm Dr. Julia.

I am a registered clinical and school psychologist, having graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2019. With experiencing in schools, hospitals and private practice, I specialize in learning, developmental, behavioral and mental health assessments. I have a passion for working with autistic people and those with ADHD.

My treatment approach is integrative and grounded in evidence-based treatments such as CBT and DBT. I take a strength-based approach and focus on being authentic to build strong relationships with clients.

In all of my clinical work, I place the client at the center, taking a collaborative approach that combines my training and clinical experience with the expertise that individuals, youth and families bring about their own strengths and needs.

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