Therapy & Treatment

As part of our practice, we offer therapy and treatment for clinical issues including anxiety, depression, and ADHD. We have a few clinicians working under supervision of Dr. Ryan who also provide services, and you can read their profiles here. Usually, we have limited availability for this service, but we invite you to complete the getting started form so we can review your request and give you an updated sense of availability.

We encourage you to review our procedures document for therapy treatment.

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Below, there is additional information about the different therapy treatments.

These services are aimed at children and adolescents who are struggling with stress, life transitions, or difficult circumstances, or who present with anxiety, mood or other mental health concerns and desire to build different coping skills within the context of a therapeutic relationship. In delivering these services, some phases of treatment may require parental involvement.

Individual Counselling

These services are directed at children and adolescents who require specialized treatment for their serious mental health needs. Dr. Ryan generates a treatment plan based on their mental health profile, which is identified through a brief assessment phase. This brief assessment phase lasts 1-2 sessions for the purpose of building a treatment plan, but is not as comprehensive as a psychodiagnostic or psychoeducational assessment. In delivering these services, some phases of treatment may require parental involvement, depending on the child’s age and the presenting issue.

Individual Psychotherapy

These services are directed at parents who are struggling to support their child’s emotional, behavioral, and overall mental health needs. These services include psychoeducation on child mental health needs, assessing parenting practices and interventions to develop further skills for parents.

Parenting Support