Our team specializes in supporting children, youth and young adults with ADHD, autism, emotion regulation, anxiety and mood concerns. All therapists work under the direct supervision of Dr. Julia Ryan. Our approach focuses on supporting clients with identifying their strengths and needs and developing new ways to navigate the world and the challenges they face. We aim to develop genuine, caring, and collaborative relationships with clients that serve as the foundation for change, working together to identify goals and develop skills that work best for the individual. We also pride ourselves on neurodivergent affirming care, welcoming and celebrating the differences that people have while helping clients develop the supports and strategies they need to feel confident and happy in the world. When working with children and teens, we always evaluate how best to include parents and caregivers while promoting and respecting client autonomy and privacy. We typically encourage a therapy process of 8-10 sessions before re-evaluating progress towards goals and best next steps.