We assess for ADHD, autism, learning disorders, intellectual delays, giftedness, anxiety and mood disorders in English primarily. Our assessments identify a client’s strengths and needs in order to support their wellbeing at school, at work, and at home. Our assessments are comprehensive and individualized based on the presenting issues and what is needed to answer the referral question. Assessments typically involve a combination of:

  • Clinic intake forms and  clinical interviews with clients and/or parents/guardians/informants 
  • Standardized testing to evaluate cognitive, academic, language, and/or memory
  • Standardized and/or research based rating scales to evaluate socioemotional and behavioral functioning and DSM-V-TR diagnostic criteria
  • Reviewing report cards, IEPs, or previous assessments (e.g. OT, speech, etc)

Assessments are individualized to each client's needs, taking into consideration their goals for assessment, presenting issues, and history of prior assessments. 

Our administrative assistant will send you a request for service form to help us collect some basic information about you and your request. This will be reviewed by Dr. Ryan to confirm that we can accept the request, at which point you will be sent details for setting up an account, completing intake forms, and sending in relevant documents. Once the file is complete, you will be scheduled for an intake meeting in 3-4 months. If another provider is referring you directly, we have a referral package we will ask you to send them, which is optional.


Assessments are charged at the hourly rate of $225/hr. Assessments typically range from 14-17 hours, or $3000-$4000. This includes an intake meeting, 4-8 hours of in person testing or clinical interviews, a feedback meeting, and non-session activities like scoring, file review, consulting with other providers and report writing. Higher costs tend to be associated with older teens/young adults or clients with complex assessment needs. 




We are lucky to have a team of skilled clinical assistants to help with various aspects of assessments, including completing intakes, administering standardized tests with clients, scoring and preparing reports, maintaining clients files, and providing general assistance to the assessment process. Our psychometrists have all been trained at Julia Ryan Psychology, and their work is directly overseen by Dr. Ryan, including weekly team meetings to review cases and provide direct supervision. 


Our assessments are conducted primarily in English. We can support academic testing in French for clients who attend French Immersion. However, we cannot support French assessments for youth or adults whose first language or language of comfort is French, nor for youth who attend school all in French. Our reports are written in English. Our assessments include a combination of virtual and in person assessments; virtual only cannot be supported at this time.


All assessments include a written report of the findings along with tailored recommendations based on a client's unique strengths and needs. The results and recommendations will first be discussed during a feedback meeting, and the report will follow 2-3 weeks after the feedback meeting. Clients are responsible for sharing their report with other providers or with their school.


Our space welcomes the use of masks, though mask use is optional. We utilize sanitization measures such as disinfectant spray and wipes. We encourage staff and clients to stay home if they are ill to prevent the spread of germs, which can negatively impact the assessment process for all clients.