Meet Dr. Julia Ryan

I am a registered clinical and school psychologist serving children, adolescents and adults in the Ottawa region. I completed my studies through a combined MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa. I have extensive clinical and research training from a variety of school, hospital, and community settings in Ottawa. These experiences inform evidence-based, high quality mental health care.

In all of my clinical work, I emphasize the importance of building a strong connection with clients as the foundation of therapeutic wellbeing and change, and aim to make each patient feel comfortable with me during or work together. I place the client at the center, taking a collaborative approach that combines my training and clinical experience with the expertise that individuals, youth and families bring about their own strengths and needs. Each patient receives services tailored to their circumstances and goals.

As clinical director of my practice, I am involved in supervising and/or consulting with all of our clinicians, as well as general management of the clinic and developing clinic guidelines. My objective is for the practice to provide high-quality, reliable, inclusive clinical care with a collaborative, team approach. 


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Olympic Weightlifting

Julia has been an olympic weightlifter since 2013. She has competed at the provincial and national level since 2014. In 2016 she became the Ontario Provincial Champion in the women’s 75kg class. She later became a 3x Provincial Champion and a 2x National Champion in the women’s 81kg class through her performances at the 2018 and 2019 Ontario Provincial and Canadian National championships. Post-covid, Julia has re-claimed her provincial title in the 87kg class at the 2022 senior provincials. Julia’s current personal competition bests are 91kg in the snatch and 113kg in the clean and jerk.

Julia believes that her athletic involvement is intricately tied with her interest in psychological functioning. The performance situations that athletes face mimic many challenges in day to day life, and often the strategies used in high performance scenarios can be applied to help individuals cope with daily stress and work towards their goals.