Dr. Rylee Oram, Ph.D.

Dr. Rylee Oram holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Ottawa, specializing in student mental health, academic motivation, and learning. Rylee is a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, while also working as a Disabilities Coordinator at Carleton University. In these roles, Rylee has been recognized for her unwavering dedication to student learning, earning the prestigious Part-time Professor of the Year Award and The William Barry Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Ottawa.

In her role as a Disabilities Coordinator at Carleton University, Dr. Oram is committed to cultivating an inclusive and supportive environment for students with disabilities. She meticulously coordinates academic accommodations, assesses documentation, and delivers personalized services to a diverse range of students. Dr. Oram guides students with adaptive learning strategies, incorporating the use of assistive technology, and providing support to address functional impairments. Dr. Oram aims to empower the students she works with, fostering both personal and academic growth. With expertise spanning education, research, and student support, Dr. Oram provides a nuanced understanding of what it takes to excel in the classroom. Dr. Oram is excited to share her experience in the private sector to further support students with various learning needs to build skills for academic success! She is working under clinical supervision of Dr. Julia Ryan. 

educational and learning specialist