Dr. Julia Ryan creates webinars on a range of topics that provide information for parents on how best to support their child or teen’s emotional and behavioral wellbeing. Below is a list of webinars available for purchase. Click here for all free resources.

Recorded webinars

Learning Strategies for ADHD: Tips for Parents and Educators
If you have a child ADHD, or an educator working with students with ADHD, this one hour webinar is for you! You will learn the key aspects of ADHD that interfere with learning, and tailored strategies to build academic self-competence and independence with homework. Pair this with “Moving Beyond the Zones” webinar below for strategies to deal with difficult behavior.

Moving Beyond the Zones for Managing Child Emotion
“Stress” behavior requires a different approach than “misbehavior”. Traditional approaches focus on helping children and youth identify their emotional “zone”. However, this doesn’t always help them to self-regulate. In this two hour webinar you will learn how to apply research-based strategies on emotion regulation in a quick, step by step manner, to promote emotional resilience. This webinar was recorded for a live workshop with educators but the concepts are applicable to parents as well.

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