The Parent Guide

If you’re looking for even more direction, I’ve put together my own videos based on the most effective strategies to help you out.

A step by step approach

These videos are based on my philosophies as a clinician.

Kids need their parents to guide them through this world and to help them develop key skills. I believe that behavior and emotions go hand in hand, so I like to integrate traditional behavior strategies with recent emotion-focused strategies. The families I work with have shown me time and time again that when parents fine tune their skills, children of all ages benefit.

So, while I know you might have one particular issue in mind, I encourage you to take a step back and to make sure you’ve got these foundational skills down pat.

These videos can be applied to children of all ages. They are designed to be followed in a step by step manner. It can be overwhelming to try to change everything at once, so I suggest starting at the beginning, and sticking with a skill until you feel confident to take on more.

Your kids might react a bit strangely when you first make these changes, and sometimes things get a little weird before they get better. That’s normal, just stay consistent, as flip flopping between approaches really confuses them.

Good luck and if you want videos on other topics, please feel free to contact me!

Behavior –

These four strategies are the foundation of any behavior plan. They help to build a trusting bond between you and your child so that they know what to expect from you – love, and boundaries.

1:1 Time

Positive Attention

Active Ignoring


Emotions –

Children and teens experience big emotions, and they need your help to develop the skills to regulate. Remember, emotions are normal, and regulating does not mean the absence of big emotions. In these videos, you’ll learn strategies to help you help them feel confident in their ability to tolerate and deal with big emotions.

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