About Dr. Julia Ryan

I am a registered clinical and school psychologist serving clients in the Ottawa region. I completed my studies through a combined MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa and graduated in 2019. I have extensive clinical and research training from a variety of school, hospital, and community settings in Ottawa, resulting in competencies in the domains of clinical and school psychology with children and adolescents. I am working towards opening my practice to adults in the next few months. Currently, I work at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and am an active research scholar, recently completing a postdoctoral position at Carleton University. Together, these experiences inform evidence-based, high quality mental health care. 

As part of my clinical approach, I emphasize assessments in order to identify appropriate treatments and supports based on the underlying conditions. I have a special interest in assessing neurodevelopment disorders, including ADHD, ASD, LDs, and other developmental and intellectual disorders, including giftedness. I also assess for a variety of mood and anxiety disorders. While not a primary focus of my practice, I do have special training in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders and can integrate this knowledge into a comprehensive psychological evaluation. I also have additional training in suicide risk assessment, learning disorders, and cultural competence.

My treatment approach is integrative, grounded in evidence-based treatments such as CBT and DBT, and including elements from solution-focused and emotion-focused approaches. I emphasize the importance of building a strong connection with clients as the foundation of therapeutic wellbeing and change, and aim to make each patient feel comfortable with me. Furthermore, I know the importance of family and parenting for youth of all ages and integrate this work as appropriate for a given family. Each treatment program is individually tailored to a patient’s unique circumstances, interests, and goals. I also provide supervision to other providers.

In all of my clinical work, I place the client at the center, taking a collaborative approach that combines my training and clinical experience with the expertise that individuals, youth and families bring about their own strengths and needs.

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